ShockTec Kinetic Trauma Pad

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This proprietary Gel based padding product has been independently tested by Florida State University to determine the best backing for the reduction of kinetic energy Blunt Force Trauma from Backface Deformation Signature (BDS) of hard armor ballistic plates and soft armor for the US Armed Forces, the SHOCKtec Kinetic mitigation product tested number 1!

This SHOCKtec® Air2Gel-foam based product is lightweight, flexible, durable and resilient with superior shock absorption and mitigation properties and extremely cost effective! 

Shocktec is a visco-elastic polymer designed to withstand high-velocity impacts by projectiles and brisance caused by explosive detonation and is found used in bomb blankets, etc. Tested by the DoD and DOJ it has proven the ability to dissipate up to 87.5% of impact energy! 

This material can take unlimited compressions without losing efficiency! Another amazing and useful quality as proven through testing is that the material never compress's more than 67% of its original thickness upon impact! And after impact, the material instantaneously returns back to its original form and effectiveness! It is also the only material tested proving the unexpected ability to stop ceramic Spall launched into it after the projectile impacted the ceramic armor plate.

Testing was performed along side of the D30 and, Gpact gel  foam products along with other materials, and consistently out-performed all comers for dissipating impact energy. Patriot Armor has utilized this technology in our ultimate trauma pad to drastically reduce the impact energy transferred to the subject wearing hard plate armor.

Whether your armor is flexible or hard and no matter what material it is made from, these trauma pads will drastically decrease blunt force trauma sustained and chance of serious injury resulting from ballistic impact.