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Resister-3PE Level III




The OuterArmor Exo-Defense Resister-3 PE kit is your highest life-saving value available bar none!

  • This Ultra High Molecular Weight Pure Polyethylene composite is cutting edge, next Gen ballistic technology. A super-light (2.6) pound! (Single-Curve) Level-III Stand-Alone plate that affords you the LE Agent or individual the lightest, most comfortable Protection in a Stand-Alone Rifle & Pistol threat mitigation plate: 
  • These EXO-Defense Resister-3PE Lev III plates will not defeat Armor Piercing Rifle rounds!  If you require a vest that mitigates A/P rounds, please see our Resister-4 Series here:
  • Each Stand-Alone Resister-3PE (Single-curve) GAMMA cut plate is light enough for women and kids!
  • GAMMA cut plate size is 10" x 12" as shown
  • TOTAL weight < 2.5 > pounds each!
  • Plates are Neutrally Buoyant
  • Multi-Shot rated
  • Trauma Reducing technology
  • 10-year warranty from date of Mfg - Will NOT Delaminate
  • Tested to -40F to 165F
  • Plate design has been tested and passed by H.P White Laboratory Inc.
  • The OuterArmor EXO Series plates are certified for use in most countries by these certification organizations to average V50: 3194fps - (D1557)

This level of light weight plate technology for these prices is not available anywhere else. Most companies are selling this level of ballistic plate technology for $750.00 to $1100.00 Per-Plate! 

**** Important ****  

This merchandise is for domestic sale only. ITAR regulations prohibit the sale or movement of Ballistic armor outside of USA or to PO Boxes! Diversion contrary to U. S. law is prohibited. If you intend or have knowledge of the intent to export this merchandise, please contact OuterArmor immediately for compliance information.

Buyers beware - See our Article on the Dangerous AR500 plate vests here!