Body Armor by OuterArmor Tactical

Exo-Defense - Resister SeriesBody Armor

OuterArmor Tactical supplies the most currently available technology in personal defense body armor at the lowest prices!

  • From our 5.4-pound NIJ Level-IV AL203 SIC Ceramic & UHMW Poly composite hard plates that provide the lightest level-4 Armor Piercing ballistic protection in it's wholesale or retail price category;
  • To our Super-light, 2.4 pound NIJ Level-III Pure UHMW-PE rifle plates;
  • To the cream of the body armor industry crop, our 4.7-pound, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene & B4C composite plate! Boron Carbide - TANK ARMOR FOR YOU TORSO!
  • All topped off with our super-light, NIJ Level-3A UHMW-PE Soft Armor!

 Keeping you safe by design!