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Owner and Armor Designer of the Praetorian Top-Gunner Turret System

 In 2004-10 I was approached by the U.S Army (Joint I.E.D Task Force) to design and Mfg a new turret system for the Humvee which could also be used on the Stryker and Rhino vehicles.

The Praetorian-1 Top-Gunner turret was designed on paper in three days, with the first working prototype finished in three weeks. I designed and tested a completely new Top Gunner Protection unit for the M1114 Hummer in lieu of their current systems which had fallen short of the U.S Governments stated 10 point design requirements. Within that time frame, army engineers returned here repeatedly asking for new designs for other weapon systems parts. Because of this ongoing opportunity, I launched MechArmor Defense System to fill the need. The MechArmor Praetorian-1 Turret was evaluated along side of the BAE Systems Rhino Turret, and the ARDEC – GPK, which was designed at Picatinny Arsenal. After the smoke cleared the U.S Army Field Team for the Joint I.E.D Task Force made their final evaluation and chose the MechArmor Praetorian Turret over all other designs hands down.  Even before P-1 turrets began shipping into Iraq, the Joint I.E.D Task Force and Rapid Equipping Force – (REF) was further contacted by then Commander of all Forces in Iraq, General Casey, for the immediate expanded deployment of the slightly smaller MechArmor P-2 Turret System.

See the Praetorian-2 Top-Gunner System Here: 

  • OuterArmor Tactical is my new online presence for high-end body armor which grew out of and represents the hard work and character of the MechArmor military contracting company. While working directly with the U.S Military from 2004-2010, we always strove to design and deliver the absolute best protection systems for our soldiers at the lowest cost. 
  • I believe that for too long the common citizen and Police Officer alike have been taken advantage of by many body armor companies who have in many cases thwarted PD's from upgrading due to exceedingly high prices. With the individual LE Officer sometimes having to purchase their own armor, as well with the common citizen looking for protective armor, both have been forced to purchase inferior AR500 armor products for themselves and their family members or go without. Our drive and direction are to deliver the highest "current" technology body-armor, with the most value for the least amount of cost to the end-user. 
  • OuterArmor Tactical is located in the great State of Montana
  • Contact Us - OuterArmorSales@gmail.com

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