Delta Survival Knife

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Delta Drop-Point Survival Knife

2 is one and 1 is none! 

That is one of the many old military proverbs that I still cling to. Problem is, I also believe that in a survival situation, whether a person is surviving in a combat situation or an extended stay in the outback, a top quality knife is essential. The problem with that? Top quality knives are usually far to spendy for the average Joe to have more than one. And one means "none."  And the knives that are priced low enough to buy one or more, are usually junk that I would never advise anyone to lean on for their survival. Which is why I have not sold any knives until this one came to my attention. 

This knife has heft and is balanced extremely well, which is another issue I have with even many high-end knives. This knife features a .25" drop point, hard-coated, 1/4" thick 3CR13 stainless steel blade that measures 5.75” with 1.75” of the blade serrated with an overall length of 11.75”. The handle is Micarta with 4 contoured finger grooves. The handle halves are bolted onto the blade with counter-sunk Allen head bolts. I found this handle to grip extremely well even when wet. The 600 Denier sheath is also well made and well thought out featuring an outer pocket which holds a small diamond sharpener, 2 belt loops, MOLLE loop attachment points on the back side, leg tie w/slide adjuster, and the outer pocket can also be used to hold most pistol magazines.