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YETI Company Boycotts NRA Against the 2nd Amendment

And it is about time we circle the wagons and start seriously boycotting such traitors


Whether it's your bank, as in Citibank / Citigroup, or any company who decides to boycott your natural rights as outlined in the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, or some overweight, pasty-faced politician who never did a hard days work in their life, but now feels entitled to enumerate your natural Rights; BOYCOTT the companies services and or products, and VOTE the politicians the hell out. Because the ONLY thing any of these traitors to freedom understand is the loss of their own revenue!

The same can be said for entire U.S States who pass anti-constitutional laws which are wholly unlawful but do so anyway without fear of reprisal. The best way to teach those traitors a lesson is to move the hell out of that State into one of the many Constitutionally friendly and compliant States. Take all your tax revenue away from them.  Many families and individuals have already started this migration some years ago, and out of the East Coast States, as well as California. IN fact, this migration has become such an issue for the Blue Libtard states that some even discussed passing laws to prohibit their citizens' free movement into another State without providing certain proofs and valid reasons for doing so. NOW, if THAT isn't some Communist bullshit right there, nothing is. And that my friends, is clear proof of exactly who these Commo-Fascists are and how far they fully intend to go in this country if allowed. Our problems here are FAR worse and FAR deeper than most still fully understand or even want to know, but it's high time the majority grew the hell up, take responsibility and start acting out against their inbred tyranny! BECOME A RESISTER! 



THE BLAZE ARTICLE - After YETI cuts ties with NRA, the free market, and retailers, continue to respond in a big way



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