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And Nicki Haley could not have signed on without the Sec.of State and Trump's approval - 

Contributing writer - Nick Turney

Well, if this is true, and it certainly appears to be so far, then everyone who has been staunchly pro-Trump and his version of MAGA, now has their answer. Unless someone else is going to try to convince everyone that this move is yet another sly plot in his Super-Roadrunner-Master-Plan to lull the left and all the traitors on the right deeper into his trance, just before he strikes his final death blow? It was all hard to swallow for some time. Now it is impossible! 

Today this Patriot / weekend sailor became a prepper!

Truthfully, Although I did my time in the Marine Corps some years ago and know how to accurately send kinetic course corrections down range if need be, I don't even own one of the rifles that the left has been so up in arms about for so long, but, I am going out this weekend and buying one for each member of my family along with all the accouterments available, and requisite pistols, ammunition, and packs to carry it all in.

Additionally, the For Sale sign comes off our late model three quarter ton Suburban today when I get home because breaking contact with the enemy and movement-to-target may soon be our main daily activities. And by next week, I also intend to have my family of five outfitted with body armor. That should get us up to speed for now.

Our friends here at OuterArmor Tactical sell body armor. If you are reading this my suggestion would be to buy some for you and yours, because no one can possibly believe that any enforcement of such a law will go down with a whimper among the most heavily armed population on the planet. 

Just one humble, white-collar Marine's opinion folks. 

Semper Fi... And Good luck if you are not a Marine. we won't hold that against you. 

NRA Article: Anti-gun Efforts to Expand U.N. Regulations to Ammunition Continue

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