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Trump Crushes Big Pharma & State Laws Against Personal Freedom

Conscience and Religious Freedom Division

Freedom for those who choose to be sovereign over their own bodies (and their children’s’) regarding vaccines!


By J. Culbert

Everone from Hospital staff to Homeschoolers and Children in the Public school system have been increasingly targeted by State law restrictions against "Opting out" of being jabbed with proven poisons. 

Many astute people even believe that any "Opt-Out" process is also an issue and constitutes a forced admission of choice that the State already deems to be contrary to their Statutes. We should also remember that "statutes" and "Codes" ARE NOT LAW! 

CASE IN POINT: In many States, their "Statutes" governing the in Homeschooling of children via the governing organizations for homeschooling try to force the homeschooling parents to "register" their child in the public school system. WHY! The Homeschooler is quite purposely diverting around the public school system and will have absolutely no interaction with them. On top of that, the homeschool parents are not receiving any benefits or kickback of any kind from the State to cover their homeschool expenditures. On top of that, all Homeschool parents continue to pay generally high taxes and levies into the State to cover the public school system that they will never take part in!

Even more alarming was seeing what the State asks for from the homeschool parent, and what they did NOT ask for. The State never asks for proof of any kind for what most would logically deem to be the most vital information; i.e. which curriculum are you using? Amount of time each day a child will be schooled; proof of periodic testing, etc. None of these questions are ever asked!

From our research and direct experience on this issue, in most cases, the ONLY question asked and to be proven by documented medical files is - The child's vaccination schedule!  Please answer this; if homeschooled kids never go to a public school, then why would the State need to have proof of vaccinations? Hmmm.... Especially since all of their public school kids have already been immunized against all manner of scary diseases and now alleged to be fully protected. Thus, the only obvious fact must remain, that none of our non-vaccinated kids pose any threat to theirs. If we use their none scientific arguments on that topic, then only our non-vaccinated kids are at risk of contracting said diseases, so then, why do they need proof of or against vaccinations? Yes, exactly, there is something else going on here!

What about Opting Out?  Well, if god forbid you are a vaccine denier for any reason whatsoever, the Opt-out process is far more invasive than any other portion of their process. If the parents are "Opting out", then the parents are forced to fill out an extensive Opt-out form which then has to be.........wait for it........NOTARIZED! However, none of the other documents for the homeschooling process or even the forms filled out about the child, parents or vaccine data have to be notarized or even proven to be from the real parents at all in most cases. 

What does that say to you? I know what it said to me. It said that they needed the Opt-Out form notarized so that it could be used as evidence against the parents at a later date in court. Now, remember, on virtually all the other forms a parents INK signed signature is more than good enough to make the documents lawfully completed, but not the Opt-out form.

Additionally, the Opt-Out form forces the parent to both choose one of their boilerplate reasons for opting out via checking one of the supplied boxes, i.e. "Religious, medical, other, etc" and then they ALSO ask the parent to "specify" the reason by handwriting the reason for opting out below that, which then, of course, is signed in front of the Notary making it all nice and legal, but not Lawful!

AGAIN, I believe this is all so that the State can more easily trap the parents at a later date when these documents are used for some nefarious and unconstitutional end after the laws are changed as they have been quickly changing in favor of the State and the public mob in many States. 

The smart homeschoolers ignore the entire system completely, and if need be for some reason, plead ignorance if need be. 


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