THIS is How World-War-3 Begins!

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THIS is How World-War-3 Begins!

With Pedophile Traitors to America Passing a Law Like This Against Powerful Nations!

THIS is an important article about a new law that may cause our invasion by most of the world. Not hyperbole

The following story (below next headline) was written in a left leaning publication about a week ago and gives a redacted overview concerning bill - S-722, which at the time was being fast tracked through our Pedophile laden Congress. As of today, we are hearing that this bill has now passed and that Trump was unable to Veto the bill due to its overwhelming passage. Along with the fact that his veto would have upheld the fake media's, fake Russian hacking narrative and gained him nothing politically. 

No one need wonder any longer why our country is being fast-tracked like this into the shit pile of history; it's YOUR pedophile Congress who needs to be dealt with, forthwith. 

Around the same time that the article below and other articles about S-722 were being written, Russia's President Putin said that if passed - it will be met by force”. S-722, if enacted, would essentially remove President Donald Trump from power and amount to an open declaration of war on the entire Russian Federation; and even the European Union, which is a major point of fact that none of the fake media is telling anyone inside the USA.

According to reports, S-722, deceptively named Countering Iran's Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 (Cleverly named to keep the American people from knowing its true nature) was introduced in the US Senate and passed by a vote of 98-2—and whose final version, posted on the US House of Representatives website last night, shows its true nature and goal, with more than 80% of it being devoted solely to taking all power away from President Trump, while at the same time openly declares war on Russia, AND cause massive disruptions all through the European Union.




The US Constitution provides for a tripartite (3 part) form of government equally dividing state power among the Executive BranchLegislative Branch and Judicial Branch. President Trump is the federal official primarily responsible for the relations of the United States with foreign nations, however, S-722 removes all such powers from the Executive Branch giving them, instead, to the US Congress. Who shockingly in the final version of this bill takes Executive Orders signed by President Barack Obama and makes them law.

In 2014, President Obama signed Executive Orders 13660, 13661, 13662, 13685, 13694 and 13757 imposing sanctions on Russia, which the Executive Branch has the power to do, but, for the first time in American history, the US Congress, as the Legislative Branch, takes these Executive Orders signed by Obama and orders President Trump not to ever remove them—thus effectively negating his ability to conduct foreign policy.

NOW, before moving on you should consider one seriously specific action just taken by Trump

Proposed Executive Order Designates Militia Rifles For Citizen Ownership: READ the Executive Order HERE:

The inside Baseball on this is, that there is alleged to have been a new Constitutional Congress set up in West VA, along with a 2nd Continental army being set up and armed nationwide. The above Executive Order is clear proof of some coming danger that will be so pervasive internally that President Trump believes all hands on deck will be required to counter it using a newly formed standing army and in conjunction with the now massive, Unregulated Militia units nationwide. 

Taking into consideration reports of UN troops set to invade American cities reported after Trump's election, along with the emerging reports of federal agencies moving most of their tactical teams and other agents in and around the Washington DC area these past weeks; coupled with reports out of congressional circles who have stated that Trump will soon be removed from power. It is now easier for us to see the potential bigger picture building up here. Trump's National and International plan to sweep up all the pedophile rings here and abroad has been in a quiet full swing since the inauguration day, with law enforcement nationwide alone picking up over a thousand people who have been running the globalists pedophile operations.

Moreover, we see via Attorney General Jeff Sessions that they have now taken down the largest Dark Web critical infrastructure being used to facilitate their dark, child trafficking operations. There is no doubt with all of the high ranking administrators of these pedophile rings who have now been jailed and sweated by the GOOD Federal employees, are singing like little birds and giving up the names of all those sick and twisted, demonic, child devouring sociopaths strewn all through our political structure. 

 President Trump did not just write and sign that Militia Arms Order in a vacuum! It must be that all of the other intelligence concerning some new Congress, new Continental Army, and orders going out to ready all militia units, are all connected to some far greater, counter-coup plan. As well as readying everyone to counter a United Nations invasion.

SO - Do NOT disconnect those possible intelligence bits with the following article and the reality that this newly passed S-722 bill unfolds for us. Russia, China, and the EU are now freaking out over it, and it is unrealistic to believe that they will collectively allow such a direct attack against their ability to buy and sell such critical infrastructure support items to go unanswered.   

Congress Defies Trump by Agreeing to New Sanctions Against Russia

Congressional leaders have reached an agreement on a set of sweeping sanctions against Russia as punishment for meddling in the U.S. election as well as its military aggression, which essentially would prevent President Donald Trump from unilaterally removing sanctions on Russia. The measure, which also allows new sanctions against Iran and North Korea, is scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. The Senate passed a previous version of the bill nearly unanimously last month.

  The agreement between Republican and Democratic leaders was reached despite the White House's persistent lobbying against the measure that it says interferes with Executive authority. If approved in Congress, Trump will face a tough choice of whether to veto the bill, which would lead to accusations that he is doing the Kremlin’s bidding, or approve something his administration has opposed. Two senior administration officials told the New York Times they don’t foresee the president vetoing the bill given the current controversy surrounding his campaign’s contacts with Russian officials. But no one is willing to place bets quite yet. “As ever, Mr. Trump retains the capacity to surprise, and this would be his first decision about whether to veto a significant bill,” notes the Times.

  Chances of a veto could also be far-fetched considering how it would involve expending political capital without any likely gains. The bill will be considered under an expedited process for uncontroversial legislation that requires a two-thirds majority to pass. That should, at least theoretically, mean the bill will be veto-proof.

  Under the measure, Trump must seek approval from Congress before taking any action that would “significantly alter” U.S. foreign policy with Russia, including easing sanctions. Congress would then have 30 days to accept or reject the proposed changes. The extent of the involvement of House Democrats in any review process was a key point of debate but Democrats say they’re satisfied with the final outcome. "The legislation ensures that both the majority and minority are able to exercise our oversight role over the administration's implementation of sanctions," Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland said.

  Other Democratic leaders expressed optimism that the bill will be on the president’s desk before the August recess. “A nearly united Congress is poised to send President Putin a clear message on behalf of the American people and our allies, and we need President Trump to help us deliver that message,” said Sen. Ben Cardin, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

S.722 - Countering Iran's Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017


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