Queens NY - Lawful Gun Collector Unlawfully Arrested for Collecting Guns

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Queens NY - Lawful Gun Collector Unlawfully Arrested for Collecting Guns

This arbitrary and unlawful idea of designating "some" amount of legal guns or ammo as "stockpiling an arsenal" is UN-Constitutional!


All of the officers involved in such raids and illegal seizures, as well as those who wrote, voted for and upheld such blatantly unlawful orders should be arrested and convicted for felony crimes against the Constitution, and imprisoned for life!

And in our book, THAT would be getting off very easy!

If such blatant abuses like this persist, as well as those like the Bundy Ranch fiasco and all others like it, one could easily imagine a time close at hand when the legion of lawful gun owners, many of which are seasoned combat veterans, changes the optics on certain criminal law enforcement and lawmakers.

It seems that actions such as this one in Queens NY are meant to push that inevitable extreme. My question is, why do these police run with orders that are so utterly and obviously unconstitutional on every level imaginable that even a child would know better?

If there is some unanswered question about any person who may or may not own guns, especially when that person has absolutely NO prior's on record, why doesn't any police department just send an investigator to visit the person in question to confirm no illegal activity?  NOT that even doing that is in any way Constitutional when authorities have no evidence of wrongdoing, as "freedom" demands at its core our Right to be left alone except under some constitutionally derived extreme situation, which was clearly NOT the case with this individual in Queens NY.

Pay attention to the total LACK of required lawful proof that abounds from the mouths of both the police and politician traitors involved in this case, and that of the low I.Q residents this man lived by. They admit having surveillance on this man, but for WHAT LAWFUL reason? Because someone he knows told some "unnamed" informant that he had some guns? You will notice that not one single word or proof is provided that he had "Class-III" weapons without being a class-3 dealer. No! All the weapons appear to be the civilian version of any military variant and most of the others appear to be nearly junk rifles and air guns.  Additionally, and as always, if one listens to the Mockingbird media reports on this, the "alleged" amount of guns and ammunition varies wildly. 


It's Time to Escape from NY, People! 

 This was a Queens County FUNDRAISER plain and simple. This man will NEVER see those guns or his cash again because the PD will now benefit from the booty as they always do under other, blatantly unconstitutional seizure laws!

The following is flat-out absurd and President Trump NEEDS to remedy this for this innocent man immediately!

"Officers with the New York Police Department’s 105th Precinct in Queens seized a table full of guns and an “enormous” amount of ammunition from an area man described by a neighbor as a collector.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown announced Friday that Keith Harvey, 44, was arrested and charged with over 40 weapons violations, mostly for criminal possession. Following a search warrant of his home, authorities seized cash, 11 rifles, three shotguns, a Crosman air rifle, a crossbow, a “banana ammo clip containing 25 caliber rounds,” and some 13,000 rounds of ammunition.

“The defendant is accused of stockpiling an arsenal of deadly weapons in his home along with an enormous amount of ammunition,” Brown said. “Illegal firearms pose an extreme risk to the public and in Queens County creating your own warehouse of lethal shotguns and rifles will not be tolerated.” (Emphasis added)


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