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O.K City Restaurant Shooting Stopped by Armed Citizens

As most mainstream media ignores the event!

Two civilians rushed to their cars to get their guns before fatally shooting Oklahoma City restaurant gunman...

"Not one, but two men ran to their respective cars to grab their guns when a shooter opened fire at an Oklahoma City restaurant Thursday.Police Capt. Bo Matthews said today that both of those men shot suspect Alexander C. Tilghman on Thursday. Tilghman died as a result of those gunshots. The two civilians have been identified by police as Juan Carlos Nazario, 35, and Bryan Whittle, 39."You are welcome," Nazario said to local ABC affiliate KOCO after the shooting. "Just did what was trained to do to neutralize the situation."Whittle’s family told ABC News that he served in Afghanistan and has been in the National Guard for almost 20 years. Before being killed by the two civilians, Tilghman fired shots into Louie's Grill & Bar near Lake Hefner on Thursday. He shot three people, all of whom are expected to survive, Matthews said. Immediately after the shooting, Matthews told the media that a single civilian shot the suspect, but upon further investigation, it was determined that two men both shot the suspect. The two men who shot Tilghman "were not carrying their firearms on them, they [their firearms] were in their vehicles," Matthews said today. When asked what he would call Nazario and Whittle, Matthew described them as "two people that stopped a very tragic situation from going any further."During the news conference today, Matthews wouldn't directly call them "heroes" but said that it was "a great terminology" for the media to use."The amazing part in all this was to hear the police chief tell the media that they "probably" won't have to charge the two heroes! Citing that they had their guns in their vehicles and NOT on their persons. Well, if you live in a state where the politicians are either supremely stupid, corrupt or just plain treasonous, that is the anti-constitutional mindset and behavior you are forced to live with."
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Read the following by police spokesperson in OK:

"These guys were protecting somebody else's life. I would think more than likely they would not be filed on," Matthews said." 

SO, is he actually stating that had these guys been defending their own lives, they would be charged? My guess is, yes!

But how could they be charged? Doesn't the Constitutional LAW of the LAND state, that anyone of lawful age can carry their weapon with them and ON them anytime they wish without fear of intervention or reprisal, etc.?  Well, by golly! Yes, it does! 

But not inside one of the many States whose lawmakers are not at all "lawfully" minded or care much about [Inalieable Rights!]

I believe that we are now well beyond asking them the question - WHAT PART OF "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!

In comes Mary Fallin, and boy is she Fallin down on the job:

 "Gov. Mary Fallin, who vetoed a bill that would have eliminated the requirement for people to have completed a firearms training course in order to carry guns in public. The NRA supported the proposed bill, but the Republican governor, who has supported concealed carry and open carry laws in the past, vetoed it. (Emphasis added)

“I believe the firearms laws we currently have in place are effective, appropriate and minimal, and serve to reassure our citizens that people who are carrying handguns in this state are qualified to do so,” she said in a statement explaining her veto."

 So, even above and beyond the UN-constitutional statutes in Oklahoma and most other states forcing this arbitrary law dictating our gun carry dress code, via their Concealed Carry permitting process, the OK state gov't also INFRINGED the lawful and inalienable Right of a person to OPEN carry their weapon unmolested and without fear of reprisal by forcing any person who wished to use their inalienable Constitutional Right to bear arms, to be tested and attain a state dictated permit before doing so.

The U.S Constitution CLEARLY sets forth the language for this Right while also prohibiting any person or legislative body at any level the authority to INFRINGE on this Right regardless of any person's feelings or other forms of social pressures regardless of the stimuli for that pressure, etc. 

Technically, every single person, legislator, governor, or politician on any level whoever added their name to any bill at the State or Federal level which seeks to INFRINGE on our Second Amendment Right for any reason on any level, has signed their names to the very evidence that should be used against them to arrest and convict these people for crimes against the Constitution. 

Dear Governor Fallin, and the Governors of all the separate States - the Right of the people to BEAR arms is not yours to over-think, personalize, or emotionalize, much less yours to regulate! 

And above all this, the people should finally learn that all State and Federal "Codes, and Statutes" are NOT LAWS! They have only the COLOR of law. There is much for people to learn on this one topic alone. It's time to awaken!

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