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NYC Mayor Bloomberg UN-Constitutional Gun Ordinance halted in Montana

Former Mayer of NY's Left-Wing group set to have their unconstitutional "ordinance" annulled in Montana!

This is not by far the first attempt by Bloomberg's communist group in the State of Montana as well as others. These carpetbaggers may get a foothold in some States, but our guess is that Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho won't be among them. The people here have caught on to their game which leads us to another prediction -  If they don't like this reaction by - The People - They sure won't like the next one. 


July 13, 2018

Gun Group Moves to Intervene in Missoula Lawsuit

"Bloomberg Ordinance" Has Serious Constitutional Problems

MISSOULA -  On behalf of members who live in Missoula, the Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) moved today to intervene in the City of Missoula's lawsuit against Attorney General Time Fox over Missoula's ill-fated "Bloomberg Ordinance."  Named after its chief promoter, ex-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, Missoula's gun control ordinance was ruled as unenforceable by AG Fox because it conflicts with preemptive state law.

Concerned that the AG's response to the lawsuit by Missoula does not assert the rights that the people have reserved to themselves in the Montana Constitution, MSSA's intervention will cover that otherwise undefended legal turf.  MSSA's brief in support of its Motion to Intervene claims that the Bloomberg Ordinance violates both the Montana Constitution and the U.S. Constitution, in addition to the AG's determination that the ordinance is in conflict with state law.  If the court should disagree with Fox about the Bloomberg Ordinance's conflict with state law, MSSA wishes to have the obvious constitutional argument in the mix for the application.

MSSA President Gary Marbut commented, "This Bloomberg Ordinance is as loony as when the City Attorney assured the City Council years ago that the City could ban shooting everywhere within five miles of Missoula based on a century-old law that allowed cities to quarantine for tuberculosis.  That ordinance was so bonkers that even Democrat Attorney General Mike Greeley ruled it to be in legal fantasy land."

The law allows MSSA to intervene and be represented in a lawsuit that affects its members, some of whom live inside the Missoula city limits.  In the Montana Constitution, the people have declared that the right to keep or bear arms "shall not be called in question ..."  MSSA believes that the Bloomberg Ordinance clearly will call in question the reserved and protected rights of MSSA members.  "This is in the part of the Constitution where the people have declared, 'Here government may not tread', " Marbut said, "no matter how much money and how many New York lawyers that carpetbaggers like Bloomberg want to throw at Montana."

A New York City organization founded and funded by billionaire and ex-NYC-mayor Michael Bloomberg, Everytown for Gun Safety, is assisting the Coty of Missoula in pressing this lawsuit against the Montana Attorney General.  The lawsuit seeks to reverse the AG's Opinion that the Bloomberg Ordinance is illegal and unenforceable because of its conflict with superior state law.

Information:  Gary Marbut, 406-549-1252; gary @ marbut DOT com

MSSA Brief in Support of Motion to Intervene


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