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Montana Governor Bullock Admits His Campaign Fraud

From Pro-Gun to Semiautomatic Gun Ban for America!

In order to get elected to statewide office in Montana, Bullock had to claim enough support for the Second Amendment to fool some swing voters.

If he had not successfully asserted (defrauded) support for gun rights, he would not have been elected to any statewide office in Montana.

We are now informed by Bullock himself that he lied to voters to get elected Governor. He has only as much respect for the Second Amendment and the Constitution as is needed to get elected to the next public office on his quest. With his new aspiration to become President, he has abandoned all pretense of supporting the Second Amendment and conveniently argues for wholesale gun control. Bullock's only perspective on Montana at this point is through his rearview mirror.  


And herein lies the real problem nationwide - NO TEETH! If any of us had defrauded investors like this we would be in Federal custody within twenty-four hours of being caught, but not these players! Laws and Morals in America and around the world are only for the People, and not for those who constantly defraud their way into the offices that control the People! 



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