Missoula Montana Anti-Gun Rights Law Moving through Town Council

Missoula Montana Anti-Gun Rights Law Moving through Town Council

NRA Dana Loesch & Gary Marbut Interview

California Communist transplants continue attempts to pass Un-Constitutional ordinances

Mr. Gary Marbut is interviewed by Dana Loesch of the NRA. (Video below)

Gary is known nationally to have written, sponsored and gotten passed more pro-gun legislation than anyone else in the USA. And this is yet another attempt by the lefty-loosies in Bozeman and Missoula Montana.

The real issue here is not so much anti-Second Amendment behavior, but the unregulated interloping of these anti-American, East and West coast fascists moving here and being allowed to join the town councils and run for other, much higher positions. In fact, presently, Montana has two seriously compromised carpetbaggers running for Senate seats right now, and one, Matt Rosendale from the communist republic of Mary-Land, who was just caught publicly lying about being a professional rancher while campaigning, is allegedly Republican. A Jolly-Rancher RepubliCant is more like it.

Besides the fact that these are people from the Whitehouse, Congress, and on down who have no fear of the severe and clear penalties for crimes against the Constitution, this is how the dark side works. Ongoing, we continue to see this usurpation happening in Montana and the other Western States as good, decent people who generally need no laws at all to keep them in line daily, continue to be slowly cooked by incessantly evil people who have weak minds, questionable souls, and who believe their life vision to be best for everyone, and they are driven to force it upon you at almost any cost. Another problem is, those good people are not so quick to make such oligarchal personalities pay for their usurpations of freedom and free will, and these narcissists know and feed on that fact.

In America, we still have three boxes of Freedom. I know, that quote usually uses the word Liberty, however, by the letter of their laws "Liberty" is GIVEN by a governing body or official over you. And by its common Maritime law use and definition, "Liberty" is always restricted by a period of time. Liberty begins and then it ends. FREEDOM, however, is ENDOWED upon us by our Creator and cannot be limited by time, space or law. So Freedom it is!

We have: 

  2. THE SOAP BOX, and



Is to pass a simply written law which governs the eligibility of anyone wishing to run for any public position in the state. Simply, anyone seeking to hold any public office whatsoever must have been born here and kept full-time residency which can and must be verified by school and tax records. 

DONE!  Just drop some salt on a leach and they go away.


The last resort and final solution - The Bullet Box!

Gary Marbut, President

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

Contributing writer: John Bull 

NRA's Dana Loesch & Gary Marbut of MSSA

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