Mexican Official Threatens Trump with "Unleashing Drug Cartels" on America!

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Mexican Official Threatens Trump with "Unleashing Drug Cartels" on America!

 Have these Mayan Morons Lost their Freakin Minds?

Is threatening the most well-armed population on earth with unleashing the most godless and inhuman scumbags on earth into the USA to cause mass destruction and murder the best way to negotiate with the likes of President Trump? I'm thinking..not so much!

Go ahead! Let that shit roll and see what happens next!

Where the hell does any country get off telling another country what they can and cannot do on any subject, much less border security? 

"Jorge Castañeda Gutman, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico, took things a step further during an interview on CNN with Fareed Zakaria when he suggested that Mexico’s previous cooperation with the U.S. in curbing the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants could end.

Instead, the cartels could be essentially unleashed upon the U.S. – retribution for tough policies on Mexico and other immigrant-producing countries in the Latin American world.

These astonishing words could open up an economic gang war against the U.S. –  very irresponsible words that reveal just how connected Mexico’s leadership is with the violent drug cartels who operate from their territories:"  READ MORE:


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