Hillary and Hollywood's False Claims about Electoral College

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Hillary and Hollywood's False Claims about Electoral College

Insiders Working to Overthrow American Voting System!

Please listen to the utter Bullshit these traitors puke out! STOP supporting these scum by watching their movies! BOYCOTT THE TRAITORS!


Holy Crap-Stain Batman! It seems these narcissistic, maniacal manipulators are twisting the facts and truth about our Constitutional laws with straight faces! 

Is that what the Electoral College vote is really for Batman? No Robin! Very simply, the Electoral Vote was instituted by our founders in order to act like a playing field leveling mechanism as States grew in population. If we didn't have our Electoral College vote system, then long ago all of our presidents would have been chosen by those very few voters in only a few largely populated States, like say NY and CA to name two. I realize Robin, that most American's no longer know the historical details concerning this highly important and esteemed tenet of our Constitutional Republic, but with a little searching on their part, they would quickly find scholars who will explain its workings and effects clearly.  Remember Robin, these people that Hillary and the many other traitors within her DNC surround themselves with, are merely actors. And why would anyone really want or need to listen to such, no account, people. 

What should be done about all these traitors to the Republic Batman? Well, Robin, although everyone's free speech is also protected by that same glorious document and grand idea we know as our Constitution, all of this inflammatory and misleading speech by so many who occupy highly public, and in many cases such as the mainstream media news, authoritative positions, should be jailed! I believe most of this speech should now be considered sedition! Sedition Batman? Yes Robin, because now they have been actively working to overthrow the lawful process of our election by actively inciting others inside and outside the system to impede the transition of power, and there are federal laws against that Robin. SEE HERE ROBIN!

"Important to note about Clinton’s attempting to turn the Electoral College into an Iranian style Assembly of Experts, is that standing in her way is the 1952 US Supreme Court ruling in Ray v. Blair that rejected the argument that the US Constitution’s Twelfth Amendment demands absolute freedom for the Elector to vote their own choice. It does NOT! 

In abiding by this US Supreme Court ruling; The US Federal Courts in the States of Washington and Colorado this past week threw out Clinton’s Electoral College “silent coup” plot against President-elect Trump - with Washington State US Federal Judge James Robart saying that Electors had signed pledges to honor the will of the majority of Washington voters, and Colorado US Federal Judge Wiley Daniel warning that “if the election of a president really did come down to the whims of 538 members of the Electoral College on December 19, there would essentially be a second presidential campaign after election day”.

Despite Clinton being shut down by these two US Federal Courts in her attempt to turn the Electoral College into an Iranian-style Assembly of Experts who can overrule the citizens of American, her efforts to subvert her nation’s own government continue and as previously stated, are, UNLAWFUL! Unlawful to even attempt to impede, much less subvert the will of the people/States.Our laws clearly declare in the national interest of the US, and requires orderly presidential transition, and that “any disruption in a transition could produce results detrimental to the safety and well-being of the United States and its people”.

 With Clinton not caring that her illegal disruption of the transition of the US government is now endangering the safety and well-being of the American people, this report says, her backers are now running full-page newspaper ads in Philadelphia, Austin, Salt Lake City and Tampa Bay urging Electors to unite in an Iranian-type Assembly of Experts to overthrow President-elect Trump—while at the same time her Hollywood celebrity supporters are urging these Electors to do the same.


"Yesterday (14 December), President-elect Trump (through his attorneys) filed this massive legal document in the United States District Court Northern District of California [Case No. 5:16-cv-7069] showing the full scope and terror of the Soros/Clinton’s plot to overthrow the 2016 US Presidential Election by turning America’s Electoral College process into a system like Iran’s, where a council of autocratic Islamic clerics hold final power and are “empowered to reject candidates for public office regardless of their degree of democratic support if the clerics deem the candidates unfit”.


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