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Gun Ownership and Confiscation connected to New Marijuana Use Laws

U.S Gov't has a new plan for making gun ownership illegal!

If anyone was wondering why there has been a softening of attitudes from the many who have stood against the legalization of Marijuana usage, even to the point of saying that Walmart will be carrying it in the near future, well, here it is, the REAL reason.

It appears the new plan is to make procuring the medical use license far easier so that more and more people become users. At which point the new anti-gun ownership laws become enforceable. 

We must remember, that this is from the same people who brought you the 1000-foot, anti-gun school zone proximity laws which literally make felons out of every car passing by with a gun in it, and every person in every household who also own guns and chose to live so close to a school, which many do!

Now, in light of all that, let us stretch the paranoia out on this issue a bit further. With the right, or more accurately, the wrong U.S government regime in power, it would not be a stretch to believe that they could and would extend the control zone of this anti-gun possession law further out, rather than restricting it to only the people who live in the same household with the medical pot user. Thus, making it apply to ALL the people who live in the same Condo or apartment building, or within 1000-feet in all directions of a single-family home where a medical marijuana user lives. Because, the word "domicile" by their wonderfully archaic legal parlance, might easily be extended to just that unconstitutional distance.

So, this then brings up another question; Just how is all this happening under the nose of this alleged, super-pro 2nd Amendment President?

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