Donald Trump: The George Washington of the Second American Revolution

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Donald Trump: The George Washington of the Second American Revolution

 There can be no doubt, the Deep State has been using the Mainstream Media and the Democratic Party to overthrow President Trump since January 20th of 2017.

The Second American Revolution has its George Washington…

but where o’ where are the 21st-century Minutemen and Continental Army?


Is Donald Trump George Washington Re-TURNed?

Returned to save our once great Republic out of the hands of the very same who he ejected the first time? There are numerous extraordinary similarities and ironies when one does a comparative analysis between George Washington and Donald Trump. Even when we view his physical appearance and commanding nature, towering above all those around him and able to direct their attentions. Most amazing to me is, from my reading of everything available that General Washington ever wrote, he too spoke “generally” and continuously without fail in the “positive.”  - I.e. “WHEN I get elected!” – “WHEN we win” – “I WILL do this…” – “I WILL do that…etc.”

    Speaking always – as if – (IF) was never in his vocabulary! Many people have correctly identified and commented on the many other similarities between both men, but I feel that their highly similar and specific speech anomalies, and that which we do NOT find to be common place in most people, especially less so within virtually ALL politicians, to be far greater proof that former General and President George Washington may, in fact, be the same soul incarnated into the man we all know currently as Donald Trump; or at the very least, Donald Trump has patterned his entire being after General-President George Washington while at the same time keeping that a secret from the world. After all the lazy, useless and thoroughly corrupted men that this American Republic has been forced to endure as Presidents and politicians since Andrew Jackson, I find it highly probable that these comparisons between both men prove to be more than mere coincidence. Exactly, and to the tee, and at precisely the right time again in American history, as with General Washington, it appears that the just the right blade has been dropped in exactly the perfect position in space and time to be picked up and wielded towards utter victory once again! But if you read on, you will come to see that our victory is precarious and yet to be realized. So PLEASE DO NOT WAIT FOR THE PERSON DOWN THE STREET TO DO IT FOR YOU! Everyone needs to fight! 

The American people are now watching a live, bloodless coup-in-progress in the nation’s capital. Just as they witnessed a bloody coup d’état in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963, it takes but a moment for Deep State to execute a real game-changer. This is undoubtedly their intention where it concerns the Trump presidency. For the profound disruption that Trump has caused to the political/governmental status quo has become intolerable to the professional political class. Not only is Trump’s spontaneous truth-telling completely without precedent, his unpredictability is driving the establishment crazy. 

Were the American people to understand the gravity of this rapidly evolving stealth insurrection against the democratically elected POTUS, they would respond with all deliberate speed. Not to do so puts the American Republic in great jeopardy as it puts the future of the citizenry in grave danger. Perhaps if the Patriots were aware of the true forces behind the gathering storm that quickly approaches, they would react accordingly. However, the body politic seems incapable of grasping the enormity and profundity of the president’s plight, and its true significance for the world-at-large. 

Whether the agents of Deep State are successful in their most recent seditious enterprise remains to be seen. Nevertheless, they will not cease in this endeavor until President Trump is frog-marched out of the Oval Office. And they have no concern whatsoever about the legitimacy of their actions or how the public perceives those who implement their transparently subversive schemes. 

Trump needs his new Continental Army, Militia’s and Spies to show up for the revolution NOW! 

“If ever the POTUS has needed his “Praetorian Guard”, it is now. He may also need his troops in the U.S. Armed Forces to come to the defense of the Republic in the not-too-distant future, should the developing coup d’état become violent. (The MUST include all Militia and Spy units in all States at their State levels!)

 Mission Critical 

The critical point is that 2016 really did mark the beginning of the Second American Revolution with the justifiably rebellious election of Donald J. Trump, just as the American War of Independence began with the signing if the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

   Only with this crucial understanding can the tumultuous events of 2017 be properly comprehended and interpreted. In fact, the United States of America is at war. Not only at war abroad unlawfully invading foreign nations, but also at war at home. 

NOTE: During the 2016 campaign season, many supporters expressed that Donald Trump ‘appeared’ to be a reincarnation of George Washington. If that were so, he has certainly brought with him a broad and deep knowledge base and experience set in dealing with the ever-intensifying British treachery. Given the current reality that the POTUS is a virtual prisoner, who is held captive in the White House and under constant surveillance, Trump will need all the help he can get.” 

With the long-overdue firing of FBI Director James B. Comey, Trump has incurred the wrath of Deep State, as well as other powerful entities. Consequently, he is under persistent direct attack like no other president is U.S. history. Even John F. Kennedy didn’t have to face the ugly antagonism and unwarranted persecution that Trump confronts daily since he entered the Oval Office. 

In view of this worsening predicament, if this President is to survive the year in office, the Trump movement is compelled to make a serious show of support. The cowardly Bolsheviks who now populate the Democratic Party only know demonstrations of force, unfortunately. Their increasing violence needs to be met with unambiguous strength or else Trump will eventually find himself in a “Maidan Square” type situation. That coup in Kiev was also a violent CIA-coordinated protest which led to the overthrow of the Ukrainian government

Should an impressive show of support for President Trump not materialize soon, he will be summarily deposed by Deep State. Clearly, there are forces at work which intend to have him expeditiously impeached and out of the White House before the end of this year. The traitors within the CIA, NSA, FBI and DIA know full well how to conduct a soft coup. It’s their stock-in-trade, so pulling off another one — in their own back yard — is a cinch. Soft Coup in the Works: Deep State Setting Up Trump for Impeachment

 Cosmic Convergence Research Group

The CCRG has written extensively about the many “striking parallels” between the American Revolutionary War and the unfolding Second American Revolution. There are very good reasons for this as explained in the following excerpt from January of 2016.

“Even the stars portend striking parallels between the revolutionary spirit of 1776 and the upcoming Revolution of 2016. Every knowledgeable astrologer will agree that the 1770s saw the planet Pluto cruising through Capricorn just as it has been since 2008. This particular transit only occurs once every 240 years and does not bode well for those who populate the establishment. Particularly in 2016 — the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey — will there be plenty of fireworks throughout the USA.

Especially for those who occupy the greatest positions of power and influence throughout government, the military, law enforcement, banking and the like will there be serious challenges. Ultimately, the entire power structure of American government and civil society will find itself under tremendous assault and inordinate stress, as it should be.”

“Certainly, the English Generals and their mercenary armies did not fare well when Pluto was barreling through Capricorn during the Revolutionary War. When the most powerful navy and best-equipped Infantry on Earth are defeated by roving ragtag bands of Minutemen, there must have been far greater forces at work than the once almighty British Crown. And so, there were.”

(Source: 2016: A Year of Super Convergence and Awesome Consequence)

 The way it was then, and how it needs to be again now!

The fledgling institutions of the Thirteen Colonies of 1776 were firmly on the side of the revolution, as were various foreign nations who also wanted to see British imperialism resoundingly defeated. Just as the world wants and needs to see the completed destruction of the Deep State who now holds everyone over the edge of totalitarianism. 

The clear majority of colonists were totally behind the War for Independence. And Washington formed a respectable army with a remarkably small budget. The 2nd General Washington (President Trump) needs this same measure of support if not more at this very minute! 


If you have not yet watched the very timely TV series titled TURN: Washington’s Spies which well captures some of the secret plots and intrigues during the American Revolution, then you need to turn off the sports and make time for that series immediately. Quite interestingly, the show reveals that General Washington was under great assault by forces both within and without. He was assailed and undermined by his own countrymen at the instigation of the British Crown just as President Trump is under constant attack by his own government (also at the incitement of the ‘bloody Brits’ who oversee the Crown Temple in the City of London). Of course, the British work in concert with all the usual suspects and co-conspirators. The Top of the Pyramid: The Rothschilds, the Vatican and the British Crown Rule the World 

Political death by a thousand cuts

The Deep State will not rest until Trump is either completely taken over or overthrown.  The intelligence community has already attempted to take control of him by proxies within his family and inner circle.  Nevertheless, Trump has still quite deftly utilized his wrecking ball to expose (and destroy) the entire political establishment. 

Israel’s House of Kushner Now Runs the Trump Administration for the NWO Globalists

Deep State’s response to Trump’s incessant tweeting has been to encourage leaking throughout the West Wing.  In this way, TPTB = (Deep State Powers) are sending a message: the Executive Branch is literally owned and operated by the U.S. Government, Inc.  The POTUS is merely the CEO and President who serves at the pleasure of the secret (and unaccountable) board of directors.  Therefore, Trump’s every thought, word, and action are closely watched and misrepresented to produce an unfavorable outcome for him, yet favorable for Deep State. 

Because the White House is hardwired for spying and surveillance by the NSA, CIA and FBI 24/7, Trump cannot make a single move without the U.S. Intelligence Community knowing about it beforehand.  The agents of Deep State plan to inflict enough damage via compromising leaks so that an environment of extreme paranoia permeates the White House.  In this fashion, the entire White House staff will become so mutually suspicious that paralysis will eventually set in. 

Ultimately the saboteurs hope for Trump’s political death from within and without. Because he cannot really trust anyone, especially his own complicit family, from whom can he seek truly wise and honest counsel?  There is no one in his administration who have not already been or who cannot be quickly compromised.  After a critical mass of fabricated trust-busting events takes place, Trump’s political capital will then be expended, even with his base.  This is their plan. THEREFORE,  there must be a total wipe-out of the capital city, or somehow a military and police clean sweep operation of a couple of thousand swamp monsters must happen, and SOON! 

Key Point: The unlawful missile attack against Syria was a stealthily planned war crime that was ordered by President Trump but deliberately engineered by National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster.  Lieutenant General McMaster is not only an active U.S. Army service-member, he is also a longstanding employee of the Military-Industrial Complex.  In that capacity, he is an agent of Deep State who has absolutely no loyalty to Trump but remains committed to his true masters whose primary objective is maintaining the perpetual war economy. 

Trump’s whole lineup of secretaries and appointees, as well as close advisors and political consultants, have their own respective and mostly hidden agendas.  Even White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon (Now fired) really works for the politically active, billionaire Mercer family.  The Mercers funded Bannon’s various initiatives at Breitbart when he was chairman, and they will likely employ him when he leaves the Trump administration.

In Summation: 

“Once again, Donald Trump has exposed the underbelly of the beast commonly known as the Deep State.  Whether he has done so wittingly or unwittingly, Trump has laid bare the inner workings of this ubiquitous and clandestine global entity which effectively rules the world.  Deep State is, after all, the collective of every secret society, exclusive organization, national government, large corporation, major university, research institution, mainstream media outlet, intelligence agency, secret service, etc. across the planet. Regardless of what Trump does or does not accomplish for the American people as POTUS, he has already performed a great service for the nation.  In a brief time, he has achieved more with his ever-present wrecking ball than anyone else in modern history. The essential point is that We the People owe a “tremendous” debt of gratitude for Trump’s exceptional willingness and self-sacrifice.  No one has ever given up so much only to receive so much grief and unwarranted persecution as The Donald.  Who else would stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning tweeting his missives across cyberspace in the interest of telling the raw truth that no one else dares to tell.”


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