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Dana Loesch Shuts Up ABC Reporter Over Gun Control

 HIRE Combat Vets to Secure our schools Nationwide! 


By Contributors Mack C and R. Ackermann:

SHEEPDOGS are needed!

Initially, we must ask the readers; 'Do you still believe that the police are there to protect you?'  If you do, you are plainly not paying any attention at all. The police at best are there AFTER the event to help close off the event scene and clean up. This is NOT to say that most cops would not rush in to help if they happened along just at the right time, but how often does that happen? Although, we have to say that we have seen quite the rash of police activity during these alleged, organic active shooter events who did not at all rush in to aid anyone inside.  Will that be a growing trend? Are you willing to sit by while your kids, grandkids or neighbors kids are swinging in the breeze at school? 

No people, it has long been time to arm-up ourselves as citizens, especially as women, and get training so that we can become part of the growing solution. We should have never allowed ourselves as a nation to become complacent and lulled into the false belief that "others", the police etc., were now to be our sole protectors. Again, that is not their true responsibility. 

As true "adults" we must take responsibility for our own security and the security of those around us. We must take the required steps to get trained and become active-protectors because we are our brother and sisters keepers! Now I will turn you over to my good friend Mack who has been a life-long protector of America and its people. 


Who the hell wants teachers armed?

Have any of you known many teachers you would like to see armed and presented with a combat CQB situation in a school?

And why should that heavy responsibility be added to teachers already low paying, high responsibility job?

No! How about we hire all the combat vets who can use great security jobs?

What we don't need are useless girly-men like that armed security mall cop and those bitch Sheriffs deputies in Florida who won't charge towards the fight! Or worse, on the take and controlled by rogue Federal agencies as appears to be the case in many instances and coming to light as I write this. 

Veteran's are available, trained and have A LOT of on the job experience at working together under great stress and CHARGING TOWARDS THE GUNFIRE - NOT AWAY FROM IT LIKE ALL THESE USELESS BITCHES!

HIRE VETS Mr. President! Three vets per school - Triangulated fire, capable of dispatching multiple targets at once, and armed with shorty M4's w/Frag rounds and body armor.

Would someone please get a damn clue here!

This solution all but guarantees no more false flags at schools and no more hoaxer events because when the deep state can't FLAG our schools, they will redirect fire somewhere else.

Which brings us to this solutions secondary benefit:  When the Lefty traitors shift their targets away from schools in the future, which they will do, this solution gives the local communities nationwide a built-in assault force who can assist local police and even act in a SWAT capacity for the many smaller communities who do not have an active SWAT unit. Seeing how there are schools littering our communities everywhere, "now" having 3 Federally paid Sheepdogs per school provides the added benefit to all communities, if they wish to utilize it, of  an available, on-demand professional combat force who can leave one or two men behind at the school while sending one from each surrounding school to converge and assist immediately at an active shooter event in the Wallmart, Mall, or Sporting event, etc. 

This is a very dynamic and fluid solution. Come on Donald!

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