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Butt-Stock storage devise for the AR15-M4 Rifles

 Pistol Mounted Solutions

I have already seen such a stock/storage configuration product from the Zahal company that appears to work nicely, but on either this PSD product or the Zahal design I am not convinced that I like the added mechanisms. I have been using a MOLLE attached single AR mag pouch on the right side of my carbine stock for many years. It works great. It's QUIET which used to be very important to me as an operator, and I never dropped a mag accidentally using that simple design. For me personally, with each new add-on that arrives on the market for the AR platform or any other weapon, most are just difficult for me to push over that "gimmick" line. It always comes down to these simple questions for me - Will it survive contact with the enemy, and will I survive using it? What can go wrong? 

The problem for me with these buttstock devises is, I can foresee the future combat failures rather quickly. But maybe these devices would work perfectly fine within your personal sphere. The rest is only my personal opinion from my personal trigger time.

ATF approved Pistol Storage Device

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