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May was another solid month in gun sales, with over two million background checks being run according to the FBI

"Small Arms Survey showed that Americans own 393 million of the one billion-plus firearms in worldwide circulation..."

" ...American civilians own nearly 100 times as many firearms as the U.S. military and nearly 400 times as many as law enforcement...."

"The Small Arms Survey estimated there are about 1 billion firearms currently in circulation throughout the world. By its estimate, about 85 percent are owned by civilians and American civilians own nearly 40 percent of all the guns in the world..."

Most people in general either tend to forget or never got to see the many other articles from inside and outside of the gun industry reporting through the years of 2010 to 2016 which cited FBI and BATF records to show that in each year beginning in 2009 how the gun sales in each proceeding year up to 2016 eclipsed the previous years all-time record for gun sales.

By contributing writer: Jeff Wright

Most mainstream sources even reported that on one single day, Black Friday of 2017, more guns were sold than on any other day in tracked history. Another report in 2015 cited that in one year American's purchased more guns and ammunition (mostly military type arms) than existed from the Presidency of George Washington to George W Bush. 

So, when you hear or see these mainstream or alternative news sources reporting on how the United Nations in collusion with the U.S government and others are planning to invade America to confiscate all privately owned firearms and jail millions for non-compliance, etc., whether any of that is true or not, I suggest that everyone on both sides of that possible equation stand back and do some rough math. 

Because to date, the rough and dirty math looks a lot like this:

  • There are now 150,000.000+ American men and women under arms.

  • From Vietnam to the current crop of war veterans, all of who are highly capable trainers and fighters number a high percentage of that 150,000.000 armed citizenry.  Most of whom are fully aware. Many of whom are already prepared for a fight.

  • Of those armed Americans who have no formal military training, there exists 25 to 100,000,000 who are avid and expert hunters, competition shooters and sport-shooters.

  • Of all those mentioned above, their weaponry, ammunition, and other necessary gear is the highest quality and most accurate in the entire world, and of any standing army.

  • If only 5% of that 150,000.000 shooters took to the field to defend immediately, that would be 7.5 million of the best trained, best equipped and most highly motivated insurgent defenders in the history of man. And as it is within the State of Israel and their soldiers, when your family and friends are only a short distance behind you, with you being the only defender between the invading horde and them, one Patriot defender becomes like twenty of theirs. Neither side should discount this very serious reality. 

  • Body armor sales to civilians which have skyrocketed in the past five years have been left out of everyone's statistics and equations. This reality provides those more serious about their role in defense yet another level of protracted survivability. 

  • How many shooters of this 150 million man Patriot army will actually stand on the wall to defend or support the defenders? Russian Generals and other countries over the years have run their own scenarios culminating in White-Papers on the subject. Most have up to 25% or more answering the call within the first weeks of any serious invasion attempt. Virtually all of the Russian Generals who have ever broached this topic came to the same conclusion, which in short was; If you invade America, prepare to lose your entire army. 

  • Congress has been trying to pass an anti-body-armor bill that will make the sale or ownership of any type of body armor to all civilians in the USA, illegal. Of course, exactly like gun-control, this law would only stop the possession of body armor to lawful individuals who have no intention of using it in any unlawful manner. The bad guys will still have it. So then, we know this law is not truly about dispossessing the American civilian population of body armor because of any widespread use of body armor in criminal actions. It is certainly an attempt to strip away a major, individual and significant advantage that the individual has against his own State or foreign authorities.

There you have it, folks!

The highly redacted version of events given that traitors to the U.S Constitution in league with the United Nations and or any other forces make such a stupid attempt inside the USA. 

Personally, I believe that all of the fear mongers among the alternative media who show us these small and dispersed fleets of U.N vehicles on U.S soil and all manner of other U.N documents or U.N treaties and votes on world gun control, etc., are either complicit and placed there to cause fear and uncertainty, or too stupid to consider doing some very basic math using real and verifiable Federal statistics. 



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