400 Guns Stolen from UPS Facility in Tennessee

And if you believe this one, I have a bridge in...

"Two people driving a U-Haul truck stole the weapons from a UPS facility in Memphis on Sunday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Monday. The agency is asking for the public's help in the case: It offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Investigators are looking into exactly how many guns were taken, but the estimate of 400 stolen firearms makes it one of the largest single gun thefts the ATF has investigated, bureau spokesman Michael Knight said. ATF agents and the Memphis Police Department are reviewing manifests and bills to determine where the guns were shipped from and where they were going."  Article from NBC News Online HERE:


Contributing writer: J. Cohn

In my opinion, we have two options to consider here, and not so much the obvious party-line option that they want everyone to believe, and surely the one we will see pushed hard in the days and months ahead saying that it was a simple street gang heist.

Of course, we could go with the Achem's Razor default that some insider with ties to a local street gang set up the take-down, but for the sake of upholding the conspiracy meme, consider these possibilities:

  1. Whoever did it, (cut-outs) were hired by a certain, clandestine agency. And given the events, growing tensions and now overt threats of open violence, even war in the streets being hurled around by the outgoing fascist poly-ticians and the new regime fighting them for continuing control, this Ham-burglary may be just one of many to come nationwide to arm those who may be used to enforce those threats. 

  2. Or - The stolen weapons WILL be found either, on the streets, used in more violent, staged public events which will, of course, be immediately linked directly to the stolen guns and propagated via the MSM propaganda machine. 

  3. Or - They will be found being smuggled over the border and used by Mexican cartel members and related gang members in MX and California, etc.

Either of these scenarios or others like them will be used to one single end, at which time you will have the proof you need to know that this hypothesis was correct; They will be used to further fuel and renew the rabid gun control debate, followed by sweeping, unconstitutional laws for confiscation. First in the cities, then outward from there. 

I would also suggest that if our own, anti-American agencies are not behind this and events like this, then these and other false flag events are being perpetrated by a foreign power, or collective thereof. 

With either possibility in play here, especially with the greater probability of these and other stolen weapons about to be used in public places in the continuance of their overall point, which is that law-abiding Americans, gun manufacturers and all who utilize the commercial shipping systems to sell or buy them cannot be trusted, that American's of all ages and gender better double down and start carrying their own defensive weapons, daily.

Additionally, be ready to defend against their next big, unlawful move politically at the State and Federal levels against gun manufacturing and ownership when that comes.

Just the opinion of one man in the wilderness...

J. Cohn

U.S Army 20th Eng Brigade


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