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Federal Benefit Payment, Social Security Insurance, SSI -

How long will Americans allow their hard work and inheritances to be stolen?  And both parties have the audacity to call today's seniors "vultures", which is a clear attempt to cover their lawlessness! A woman dies at age 65 before collecting one (Social-Security-Insurance) check.  She and her employer paid into the system for almost 50 years and she collected NOTHING. And we won't even get into the question of why that woman's next of kin never receives her personal, hard-earned SSI money. When did that woman legally bequeath all of her SSI income percentages to the US Govt?  Of all the working...

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Assault Weapon Ban, Deep State, Democrats that kill, Gun arsenal, Gun control agenda, NY Police, Queens NY, Stockpiling, Unconstitutional gun laws -

This arbitrary and unlawful idea of designating "some" amount of legal guns or ammo as "stockpiling an arsenal" is UN-Constitutional! All of the officers involved in such raids and illegal seizures, as well as those who wrote, voted for and upheld such blatantly unlawful orders should be arrested and convicted for felony crimes against the Constitution, and imprisoned for life! And in our book, THAT would be getting off very easy! If such blatant abuses like this persist, as well as those like the Bundy Ranch fiasco and all others like it, one could easily imagine a time close at...

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American Militia, Armed Citizen, Assault Weapon Ban, Bundy Ranch Nevada, Coup de'etat, Deep State, Democrats and CIA, Democrats that kill, DNC Lies, Donald Trump, George Washington, Gun control agenda, Q-Anon, Second American Revolution, U.N Take over, Unconstitutional Assault Weapon Ban, Unconstitutional gun laws -

And it is about time we circle the wagons and start seriously boycotting such traitors Whether it's your bank, as in Citibank / Citigroup, or any company who decides to boycott your natural rights as outlined in the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, or some overweight, pasty-faced politician who never did a hard days work in their life, but now feels entitled to enumerate your natural Rights; BOYCOTT the companies services and or products, and VOTE the politicians the hell out. Because the ONLY thing any of these traitors to freedom understand is the loss of their own revenue! The...

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American Militia, Child trafficking, Coup de'etat, Deep State, Democrats and CIA, DNC Lies, Donald Trump, Q-Anon -

The Enlightenment is Expanding, and There is Only One Way Out of an Ambush-THROUGH IT! I was sounding this alarm over 20-yrs ago when 99.9% of everyone believed that my Army Special Operations experiences must have driven me over an edge. I BET YOU ALL BELIEVE NOW! RESISTER - Nationwide still awaits orders and drops. We must admit that most of us watched and questioned the validity and intention of the Q-phenomenon with little confidence up until about two weeks ago. Sure, we all watched and saw a few covert message points early on which appeared could only come from an...

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Gary Marbut, Gun control agenda, Mayor Bloomberg, Missoula Montana, Montana Shooting Sports Assoc, MSSA, New York Gun control, Unconstitutional gun laws -

  Lawyers from New York City-based Everytown for Gun Safety Org descends on Montana town!  The question remains - 'Why are we not arresting all those officials and organization heads who clearly work to thwart the Constitutional law of the land?' NEWS RELEASE:  It's Not About Safety, It's About Control Gun Group Weighs in on Effort to Revive Failed Missoula Ordinance: (For immediate release - April 12, 2018)MISSOULA - The Montana Shooting Sports Association was seriously critical of an announced lawsuit by the City of Missoula in attempt to overturn an Attorney General's Opinion, an Opinion that confirmed that the City's failed gun...

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